9th Standard Maharashtra Board Books

Reliable Series presents reference guides for 9th standard Maharashtra State Board students, both for English and Marathi medium. It being an important period for a student’s intellectual development, our Reliable Series guides for standard 9 are prepared to help students grasp the academic concepts and ponder upon questions that help their intellectual growth. In a constantly ...changing educational environment, we make sure our books are prepared keeping in mind the growing needs of an intellectually and technologically advanced generation of students. We live in a digitized world full of happenings and it is getting ever more difficult for teachers to capture and engage the attention of the students. We recognize the efforts that teachers take to teach their students in innovative and interesting ways. Teachers can use additional questions and activities from the guide to engage their students in interesting conversations around the syllabus and kindle their desire for knowledge and growth. Our authors present answers and activities in the books such that it prompts the students to think outside the box and encourages them to aim for further knowledge. In simple and lucid language, our authors ensure that students are able to decipher the trickiest of concepts and develop a complete understanding of the syllabus. With a free ebook for each subject, we make sure students can learn their syllabus wherever they are and access all the subjects on a single device. The Reliable Series reference guides ensure a stress-free learning experience for students and helps them earn better grades in exams.

How Reliable Series reference guides help you learn better:

  • Based on the latest syllabus and guidelines
  • Easy to understand language
  • Points to remember listed for quick revision
  • Sufficient real-life based examples for better understanding
  • Answers to textual as well as non-textual questions
  • Ample of MCQs and other objectives for easy retention
  • Diagrams, tables, maps, and flowcharts given wherever necessary
  • Easy methods for solving math problems
  • Activity based questions for better learning
  • Model question paper provided for practice

Books available:

Reliable Series: English Medium

  1. 9th Standard My English Course Book Maharashtra Board
  2. 9th Standard Hindi Lokbharathi Book Maharashtra Board
  3. 9th Standard Science & Technology Book Maharashtra Board
  4. 9th Standard Geography Book Maharashtra Board
  5. 9th Standard History and Political Science Book Maharashtra Board
  6. 9th Standard Mathematics Part 1 Book Maharashtra Board
  7. 9th Standard Mathematics Part 2 Book Maharashtra Board

Reliable Series: Marathi Medium

  1. 9th Standard Ganit Bhag 1 Book Maharashtra Board
  2. 9th Standard Ganit Bhag 2 Book Maharashtra Board
  3. 9th Standard Itihas va Rajyashastra Book Maharashtra Board
  4. 9th Standard Marathi Kumarbharati Book Maharashtra Board
  5. 9th Standard Marathi Aksharbharati Book Maharashtra Board
  6. 9th Standard Samanya Vigyan & Tantragyan Book Maharashtra Board
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