Career Guidance is a Must for Students, But Why?

Did you know that a whopping 1,00,00,000 sat for the 12th board in 2020? This number increases yearly, which means that more students will require career guidance. Combined with high-quality reference materials such as 12 Std Maharashtra state board books, career counselling can help students study for the exams and find the best careers that fit their interests, talents, and abilities.

A career counsellor can help students understand their uniqueness and devise a unique career path that suits them, with the goal of helping them achieve steady success and growth in life. Students who have a clear vision of where they want to go can get maximum output from the efforts they put into studying and bettering themselves! 

Apart from this, a career counselor can also help students keep track of the filing processes for the exams they need to take and the universities are colleges they intend to apply to. They can guide students (as well as their parents) on dealing with different procedures and ensure that they meet deadlines. This can make the testing and admission process much less stressful.

 Career counselling involves more than just figuring out the most suitable professional path or the perfect job to aim for. It’s a continuous process. Students need to make tough decisions at different stages of their lives. With career guidance, they can make those decisions with much more confidence. 

If your children are at that age when they need to start thinking more about what they want to do in life, and it’s important to equip them with career guidance. And if they are sitting for the state board exams soon, make sure that they have access to the best reference materials, including the best 12 Std Maharashtra state board books.

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