Top 5 Reliable Guide for 10th Standard Maharashtra State Board Exams

Students often rely on some good coursebook to study well and then score well in their examinations. Many publishing houses print books for the class 10th students, offering them everything in the syllabus to practice well for their board exams. You can select the best reliable guides for 10th Standard Maharashtra State Board Exams and practice well for your upcoming classes!

Here are the top 5 reliable guides for 10th Standard Maharashtra State Board Exams:

  1. Geography:

This reliable guide for Class 10 social science includes everything that you can learn about Geography. You will find important chapters such as field visit, climate, natural vegetation and wildlife, location and extent, population, human settlement, economy, occupations, etc. 

  1. History and Political Science:

Another reliable guide for Class 10 social science is about History and Political science. Learn everything about the history of India including Indian arts, Indian traditions, history in the west, applied history, etc.

The other part of the reliable guide for Class 10 social science includes Political Science covering essential topics such as Indian Constitution, electoral process, political parties, social and political movements, and challenges faced by the Indian democracy.

  1. English Kumarbharati:

The English Kumarbharati guide by Reliable Publications includes all the essential English chapters such as stories and poems to help you grasp a good command and learning skill over the English Language. It further has a section dedicated to Grammar and practice exercises to improve your grammar skills.

  1. Science and Technology:

Science and Technology is an important subject, and you must not miss practicing the same. This guide has everything about gravitation, periodic classification of elements, physics, chemistry, and various other topics to understand and learn by heart. You can further practice well with the Model Test Paper.

  1. Mathematics:

Buy the Mathematics guide created by Reliable Publications to master all your maths skills. This guide includes all the essential chapters to prepare you well for your upcoming Board examination. You can also solve practice papers, creative questions and explore the question bank in this guide.

Reliable Publications also provide a free-of-cost e-book with each guide. You can buy these books from the online platform of the company. Buy them and start your practice sessions now!


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