How to Score 90% in Science Board Exams?

Getting a good percentage in the board exams is a concern amongst every student. The most common question that students ask is what strategy to follow to score more than 90% in the board exams? Understand that not everyone can get the high percentage. Firstly, because not everyone has the same potential; secondly, it needs consistent effort as it’s not a last-minute thing.

As we are talking about the science board exams, the effort automatically doubles up. You will need the best 12th science books to study from and result-oriented planning to get more than 90%. Moreover, you need at least one month to properly plan things to work in your favour!

Things to do to score 90% in Science Board Exam

Analyse your strength and weaknesses

You must do self-analysis and figure out what are you good at and what needs more work. It is not just about the subjects you are good at but the other factors like your handwriting and way of attempting the paper. Have a clear understanding of all your strengths and weaknesses.

Weaker Subjects

It is true that you cannot be equally good at all the subjects. Whichever subject is there that needs work, plan its preparation separately. Get the best 12th science books for that subject and stick only to basics to get the best marks. Moreover, solve maximum practice papers to gain confidence and get familiar with the exam pattern.

Time Management

It is one thing that can ruin your percentage. Time management, if done well, will help you score more than 90% in your science board exams. Utilise every minute wisely to ensure everything works in your favour. Prioritise your studies and take out time to get 6 hours of sound sleep. Furthermore, 15 minutes break after 2-3 hours of studying is also necessary to freshen up your mind.


Getting more than 90% in science board exams can never happen overnight! The effort needs to be consistent, and the earlier you start, the better. Do not doubt your abilities, and be confident about your hard work.

Without wasting any time, plan your schedule as per the time that you have in time. Get the best 12th science books and get started with your preparation!

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