Tips to Choose the Best English Guide to Improve Your Grammar for 12th Maharashtra State Board Exams

For the state board exams, the most challenging subject is English. Furthermore, grammar is something that haunts many students. Statistics also show that a large percentage of students get lower grades due to English. Hence, it gets inevitable to find the best 12th English book for Maharashtra board exams.

As it is about your 12th board exams, you would not want to take any risk. These marks are the deciding factor of your future; hence you must do whatever it takes to get a good English score!

Tips to find the best 12th English book for Maharashtra board

Your 12th English book for the Maharashtra board exam can be your guiding torch towards a good score. Use the following tips to find the best book:


The curriculum keeps changing every other year. It means that an old edition is going to be of no use to you. Hence, you must check the edition before buying the book. Get the latest edition and a reliable publication house as well.


An index is a glimpse of what you will get in the book. Check thoroughly to ensure the book has all the lessons and grammar exercises that you need for the best preparation. It is better to keep your curriculum handy to cross-check the chapters on the go.

Practice Papers

You cannot learn grammar if you don’t practice it regularly. Hence, it is always better if the book already has practice exercises. Get a 12th English book for the Maharashtra board with relevant grammar practise papers for you to revise and review.


Getting a reliable book from a reliable author is a plus. It is essential to ensure that students are reading that book and have benefited from it in the past. You can prefer taking recommendations from your teachers or seniors. Furthermore, do a little detailed search on the internet, and you are sure to find the best book!

Your way to get an excellent score in the 12th board exam is through good English scoring. With a reliable 12th English book for the Maharashtra board, you are sure to nail that too! Prepare well and leave no stone unturned to score the best marks!

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