Tips to Make Your Students Like Physics

Teaching is not easy—and teaching Physics is even harder. The natural and physical sciences tend tointimidate learners. How do you combat such apprehensions and make your students enjoy Physics class? Here are some tips:

  1. Choose the right textbooks.

    A good Maharashtra State Board 12th physics textbook(based on the most recent board guidelines and syllabus) is written in a language and presented in a format that is easy to understand. Diagrams, maps, flowcharts, and tables are provided wherever necessary. The most important points are clearly listed, and real-life examples are included to help students remember what they need to memorize. Brief introductions are also provided before each chapter.

    To help learners do well in exams, a good Maharashtra State Board 12th physics textbook also provides textual, non-textual, and activity-based questions with answers, plus model question papers for practice. What’s more, these hardcopy textbooks come free with eBooks to allow young digital natives to access what they need from their device of choice.

  2. Engage your students by asking real-world questions.

    At this stage of learning, critical thinking skills need to be developed to prepare students for higher learning. Ask questions about how Physics relate to the world. Theage group in particular needs to feel ‘connected’to the sciences to become engaged and interested. Get your students thinking at deeper levels by asking questions on how Physics can make society better, how it can contribute to a more sustainable future, etc.

  3. Do more field trips and hands-on experiments.

    Encourage independent investigation. These fun activities can help students discover areas of Physics that interest them. Go outside the classroom and explore. If this is not possible, bring the fun into the classroom with interesting documentaries and movies that are related to the subject.

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